Let’s All Keep Calm And Leave It To Govts, Urges ABIM

PETALING JAYA: The Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (Abim) has called on Malaysians and Indonesians to keep calm and not be influenced by certain irresponsible parties whose provocative actions could hurt the relations between the two nations. Its international deputy president, Khairul Faiz Morat, said such provocation could jeopardise the close relationship that had been established between Malaysia and Indonesia. “We urge citizens of both countries to put their full trust on diplomatic efforts made by both governments. “They are also advised to not take any action that might tarnish the good relations between both countries,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Such provocation, he said, was a reflection of shallow-minded knowledge and a lack of understanding on the shared similarities of culture and community values between Malaysia and Indonesia. “Past history has proven that such actions could create tension and also chaos if the situation is not handled firmly and gracefully,” he said. The latest bout of anti-Malaysian sentiment came about following accusations that Malaysia had “stolen” the Balinese pendet dance as its own in an advertisement promoting Malaysia, broadcast over Discovery Channel. These groups tried to “sweep” for Malaysians in Jalan Diponegoro in Jakarta. The channel has since apologised and said it was at fault.

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