Kenyataan Media 28 ogos 2009

ABIM Condemns Ramadhan Bombing In Pakistan
Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM) strongly condemns the latest suicide bombing attack in Islamabad, Pakistan which killed 22 people yesterday. The fact that the suicide bomber - which a Taliban affiliated militant group later claimed responsibility - camouflaged and manipulated the breakfasting of Ramadhan as an opportunity to initiate the attack was totally a despicable and deplorable act.
ABIM views that such terrorist attack only demonstrates a more convincing evidence of ignorance and utter misconception of Islamic teaching as embraced by the Taliban. Islamic teachings strongly condemn the killing of innocent people under any circumstances, what more if it is committed during the blessed month of Ramadhan.
We therefore urge the Taliban and any self-proclaimed Muslim jihadists to immediately stop their irresponsible act of suicide bombing and cease any further intention to create chaos at any time. We also take this opportunity to strongly call upon the Taliban and any other pseudo-Islamic groups which resort to militarism to respect the Ramadhan by not perpetrating further killing among fellow Muslims and to stop misrepresenting Islam as an extreme religion to the world. This is the last thing the Muslim needs at the moment - violence only breeds further violence.
ABIM also calls upon international Muslim community to play their part in condemning this latest massacre by Taliban and to pray for the bringing of peace and harmony into the prolonged conflict in Afghanistan, as well as other unsettling Muslim conflict zones.
We express our condolences to those who were injured, to the families of those who were killed, and to the people and Government of Pakistan. Let us turn Ramadhan this year to heighten our spiritual proximity to Allah and to equip ourselves to better serve humanity and mankind.

MOHAMAD RAIMI AB.RAHIM Secretary General 28 August 2009 / 7 Ramadhan 1430 H

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